Wednesday, October 27, 2010

James Cameron making sequels to Avatar?

According to news media reports, James Cameron and FOX are planning to make and release more 'Avatar' films.   We'll continue to monitor the situation. Clearly the preference would be for these films to be inclusive and not exclusive.  We hope Cameron got the message with the protests against his film and denial of the Best Film Oscar for Avatar.


  1. Protests? What protests? Most people recognize retarded trolls and jackasses full of useless bloviation when they see them. That's why you, your zero followers and your whole agenda are receiving exactly as much attention in the real world as they deserve, which is jack sh!t.

    Have a nice, bizarre life.

  2. And incidentally, your insignificant bleating about your unfair life as a tranny had no (read: zero) influence on the Academy's decision. The Academy might be full of snarky backstabbers, but you are not even a microbe on their radar. Get over yourself. You aren't that important or influential.


  3. Something which has been bugging me

    Wouldn't your views mean all straight people are homophobic because they're straight?

  4. Your protests failed during the first movie since it's the highest grossing movie in history.

    I'm defending it and I don't even like it.

  5. I am waiting for the sequels of avatar. I hope it will release as soon as possible.

  6. Sequels of avatar!
    I hope it will release as soon as possible.

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  10. your site is amusing beyond words, you deserve a best internet troll award.

    ho and please stop confusing Transgender with sexuality, your sexuallety has noting to do with your gender. Greets from a aromantic asexual transsexual.

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  12. avatar on 3d is about to come out. i am super excited to get a copy of that blu ray movie and experience it again in my own home. who else can't wait for it to come out?

  13. I HATE this blog. I hate homophobia, but I also hate this blog ands anywne who accuses my favorite movie of being homophobic or heterosexist! I am nasty because this is a serious problem and is just as bad as Michael Wong and his StarDestroyer.Net that accuses Star Trek of promoting racism and communism as well as bad as Confused Matthew's breanwreck review of The Lion King. I fear that Star Wars fans will start making these accusations. I don't care if you are transgender, that is no excuse for slander or just trashing things that you don't like with lies.

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