Monday, January 18, 2010

Statement on the Best Film award given to Avatar by the Golden Globes

We note with regret that the Golden Globes decided to give Avatar the award for Best Film.  In this era of Obama and progress, we deserve better.

James Cameron said the following last night:

"'Avatar' asks us to see that everything is connected, all human beings to each other, and us to the Earth. And if you have to go four and a half light years to another, made-up planet to appreciate this miracle of the world that we have right here, well, you know what, that's the wonder of cinema right there, that's the magic,"

If only his words were backed up by his film.  Cameron's Avatar provides us with a narrow vision of humanity, one without gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals or transgender people.  It promotes the idea that intelligent and sentient beings on another world would be heterosexual.  It promotes violence.  It ignores the possibilities, the realities and the diversity of human society and sexuality.  

If James Cameron really believed that all humans and the Earth were "connected" we would not be having this debate or these protests.

Diversity, Health Care and Tolerance are all basic human rights and cannot and should not be denied to us.   We will not be silent, we will not sit down and we will not stop.  On March 7, 2010, James Cameron will be hearing and seeing what humanity is really like.


  1. Cameron is no different from an Aryan Nazi type. The Golden Globes are just pandering to corporate interests.

  2. life on other planets would have to be either heterosexual or asexual intelligent or otherwise or else that planet wouldent have life.

    Not to mention while health care is debatable, diversity and tolerance arent rights. Diversity is simply a description, and i dont have to tolerate anything i dont fucking want to.

  3. You've got to be kidding me. Cameron promotes diversity and acceptance, environmentalism and has a very anti-racist message; the hardened American Colonel, the antagonist, calls Jake Sully a "race traitor" before he dies. The reason there are no fuggin' gay sex scenes or whatever the fuck, is because the movie centers itself around a single union, not EVERY union; gays are still a vast minority, and there are still plenty of movies that cater to them; Avatar should be the least of your worries. Just like the marine who saves the natives is white, catering to the American majority, so is his relationship with Neytiri straight...

    It's not a blow against you, nor any other race... it could only possibly be interpreted as environmentalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-corporate. It's one of the most leftist films I've seen in a while. But apparently you narrowminded idiots can only see that there's no... gay sex...

  4. "The future is Transgender NOT Straight"?

    This site is a joke. If only mother nature could apologize for her mishaps.

  5. Oh, and Ellie, have you even SEEN Avatar? You'd have to be retarded, period, to think this movie is doing that. Absolutely ridiculous and unfounded. It's NOT A MOVIE ABOUT VIOLENCE, you fuggin' bigots. It's a movie about peace and fantasy. And for all you know, there may be some gay couples on Pandora. Perhaps not in Neytiri's tribe, but that, again, is a cultural thing, obviously. There very well may be.

    If you hate Avatar, you hate history. If almost everyone is gay in the future, can you not see far more substantial problems and prejudice then?

    Stupid blog, stupid insight, and just immense stupidity in general. Hope you're glad you've made a fool of yourself in front of me.

  6. Avatar is the biggest overrated piece of crap I have ever scene. I don't know about the whole gay thing but Avatar sucks. I've eaten bear shit that's better than this movie.

  7. let it go. seriously. you're a complete idiot.

  8. oh and by the way if youve even stopped to watch the movie you'd know that it is against violence in a very straightforward way. you are ignorant and should get a life.

  9. Thank you again Lara for doing this. There are so many times when it feels like there is no one speaking out for us and you are a source of hope and pride.

  10. I'm sorry, but unless, as has been suggested above, this blog is a joke; then you people have missed the mark horribly.

    I understand that there are no explicit references to homosexuality in the film. This fact is probably due to several reasons, but if we take plain statistics we may discover why. It is understood that between two and thirteen percent of the (Western) population see themselves as homosexual; transgender, I'd guess, would be a lot less. This does not make it wrong, but it does make it a social minority.

    Now, as a social minority, you would have to be pretty fucking pigheaded to expect every single film to include a representation of yourself. There are a countless amount of other social minorities not addressed in the film.

    Don't be so fucking egotistic. If you're gay, lesbian, transgender, it does not by any means offend or challenge or even really interest me, just as how 'straight' someone is doesn't, but don't expect everyone in the world to tip their hat because you have a self-righteous belief that your social minority is the most important

  11. I was very disappointed that Avatar was awarded last night. Do we not live in the 21st Century? We still have a long way to go.

  12. I despise Avatar and Cameron just as much as you do, if not moreso. I am bisexual, a five on the kinsey scale if you want to use it. Having said that; You're a fucking imbecile. I agree with the fellow above Zodis. We are in minority. Homosexuality is every bit as unnatural as any other paraphilia, albeit more predominant. That's the beauty of it, that it is a choice, that man has evolved beyond nature to not only be capable of love, but to expand that love to whomever it chooses, to express it however it chooses. That's my attack on your need for gays in this film. Moreover, James Cameron's promotion of the gay community would be a disservice. The man isn't fit to write or direct, especially not on the budget he's been inexplicably given.
    Diversity, health care, and tolerance are not human rights by any stretch of even you or Cameron's twisted imagination. You have only the right to yourself, and to do with that what you will. That is all. Anything beyond that is a privilege, and a privilege that must be earned by your own sweat. You disgust me, and it's fags like you who give me and mine a bad name.
    And as for the Obama = Progress bullshit. He's pulling a Roosevelt, and as such will continue to extend our depression until a bright cabinet member smacks him up the head and pulls us out.
    On gay rights:
    "Although Barack Obama has said that he supports civil unions, he is against gay marriage."
    - From
    There is never progress with compromise. He promised to be all-or-nothing, and he let us down. And don't even get me started on his treatment of the Afghani war.
    Bottom line: You're the equivalent of a boystown drag-queen who refuses to believe there's a gay community with integrity on the other side of Wrigleyville. You are the reason I am sometimes ashamed to be bi.
    I think you might look good with a pink triangle.

  13. I'm a Gay male. I love to see gay scene's in movie's. But you are Did you even see Avatar? Most fantastic movie I have seen. But I can accept that people don't like the movie but I cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, see your reasoning. I didn't once watch Avatar (seen it a few times) and think "man this could use a gay scene". Are you not capable of watching a movie and enjoying the story told? or, if you didn't enjoy it, not look for things that aren't there, claim there intentional ommissions and therefore biggotry.

    By your reasoning, your a straight hating biggot who promotes soddomy and pediphilia not to mention rape, mugging, well, pretty much anything you didn't include you must be promoting. Go to hell

  14. Is this joker serious?! Holy cow dude, stop jerking off in your mom's basement, get off the drugs (on second though, I think you NEED some drugs!), and get a fucking life! Find a positive way to draw attention to yourself rather then bashing the great achievements of others over your own stupid inadaquacies. Moron!

  15. GLBTs AGAINST LARAJanuary 19, 2010 at 6:15 AM

    Lara DOES NOT speak for the rest of the TRANSGENDER, GAY, LESBIAN OR BISEXUAL community. EVERYTHING she has written here is nothing but IGNORANT HATE. We thought it to be a joke, but sadly this person is real. PLEASE IGNORE HER, as she DOES NOT represent us in ANY way, shape or form.

  16. Jeez, stop the spam alrady. I got it the first time, m'kay?

    This blog is actually quite good, if you need a laugh or two. There's nothing more to it, IMO. Just ignorant, hate-reeking bullshit.

    Let's run through your arguments here:
    The future is homo/bi/transsexual, whatever. Is there no room at all for us heterosexuals (who're still in a majority?) in that future of yours? If not, then that seems like a certain fella who lived in Germany back in the 1940's. His future was also alot like yours, just for the ayrian people.

    Why on earth (or Pandora if that floats your boat) would the Na'vi be homosexual? You are aware that such a thing would be pretty bad for the population? It's not people like Cameron that spread hate for you people, it's people like you, Lara.

    What does Avatar have to do with the rights of sexual minorities? Nothing! It doesn't say yay or nay, because that's not the subject of the movie!

    What does Avatar have to do with healthcare? Urm, I dunno. The character mentions he can't afford it on a veteran's pension? So Cameron must support capitalist healtchare then! Oh wait...

    What does it have to do with violence? Well, unless you're sleeping through the movie, you'll see that they try to avoid violence as far as possible (save for the nutcase Colonel). You see, sometimes violence is the only solution. I'm sure we could have sat down and talked with Hitler while he killed more Jews, yeah. That would have worked, really.

  17. Please reminder that people who claim they are GLBT and oppose me are likely to be Conservative trolls.

  18. Oh look, Lara has a confirmation bias. There is no way any GLBT people could think she is retarded, therefore they must be conservative trolls.

  19. GLBTs AGAINST LARA!!January 22, 2010 at 2:06 AM

    We ARE NOT conservative trolls. If anything, I think it's the other way around. The one who appears to be the hate-filled conservative troll is YOU Lara. You are not a bad person and I honestly think you mean no harm...but please stop spreading these messages of heterophobia and hate. You are only making things much more difficult for your own community. It's very sad that you think all who disagree with you are against you.

  20. GLBTs AGAINST LARA!!!January 22, 2010 at 2:52 AM


  21. I thank you for your opinion but I disagree.

  22. How the fuck would thye reproduce.

    How many movies DO have homosexual lead roles? Not many. So if you're going to attack movies based on this, attack them all. Or at least one with a less strong fan base. Seriously, get your heads out of your asses and appreciate the movie for it's true message.
    I support gay rights but this website is an absolute joke. Seriously, shut the fuck up before you put a black mark on the gay community. You're making everyone look bad.

  24. Cameron is a great man. God bless him.

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