Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mass Effect offers a gay love scene....why not Avatar, James Cameron?



    Stop being a faggot, and why don't you just enjoy the goddamn movie?

    It's people like you and Fred Phelps who needs to be shot.

  2. I heard that the avatar sequal will cover other transgender relationships.

    Its all based on one of the other moons, where fags queers and transexuals are sent to be shot.

  3. um...

    Because there's no room for gays on Pandora?

  4. Yeah, why not?

    Oh I dunno, maybe becuase the majority of the human population are straight? Because alot of people (sadly) wouldn't see the movie if there was a homosexual relationship in it? Because the thought never crossed Cameron's mind?

    You see, just because you're a minority doesn't mean everyone, everywhere will appease you. You're just looking for excuses to rant down on things.

    Besides, "What James Cameron didn't want you to see"? Are you serious? Is there even a connection between Cameron and BioWare? Has Cameron ever stated that he's a homophobe? If you're basing this on Avatar, then I suppose Peter Jackson, George Lucas and just about nine out of ten directors out there are homophobes.

  5. Oh what I wouldn't give to be the Animator in charge of that scene :D

    But once again, your flawed logic seems to constantly surface. The world is not all gay/bi nor is it all straight.

    And beside that point, its a movie....its a Sci Fi fictional movie set in a future that does not exist (to our knowledge at least).

  6. Are you kidding? It's because Mass Effect is based on the player being able to make choices
    Avatar is a MOVIE, not an interactive game

  7. well it lay be a gay love scen but it is way to clean and non realistic : obeying to actuals occidental standars of beauty......Lacks of tolerance ?

  8. I saw room for gays in Pandora : when the soldiers welcome the "fresh meat" which arrives with aprreciation......(yum yum)
    All those arguments in your blog are so far fetched from my (european, is that what makes the difference????) point of view...

  9. OMfg this guy is a freaking idiot. Why not avatar? Because it has no relevance to the movie at all!!!! MOST movies don't have gays in them! Get over it. I'm all for gay rights but they aren't the majority and therefore won't be in a majority of movies. please get over yourself.

  10. Just shut your pie hole and go kill yourself, faggot. Because of idiots like you other gay people get hated.

  11. Yawn...

    When you get right down to it and consider the context, that episode between Shepard and Liara is not technically a lesbian sex-scene. Liara is an asari, one of the oldest civilizations in the known galaxy of Mass Effect. Their species is comprised of one gender whose culture revolves around uniting with diverse species over their one thousand year life span. The asari have no awareness of gender and can reproduce by swapping genetic material, which would make them omnisexual. During sex, they link their minds with their partner and enthral them mentally and physcially. The asari might have bodies which appear to be humanoid females, but there is actually no real gender or sexual taboos in their culture.

    Therefore, your article is an epic fail.

  12. Cameron was hired as the special effects director for the sequel of Piranha, entitled Piranha II: The Spawning in 1981. However, the director left the project and Cameron was hired by Italian producer Assonitis to take over, giving him his first directorial job. He worked with producer Roger Corman. j23j