Friday, January 15, 2010

Looking forward: What should be done to stop future Avatars?

The purpose of protest to create change and to improve the world.  The 12/18 Protest against Avatar was and is a call for such change.   And it has been a success.  People around the world are talking and thinking about gay and transgender rights.  For others, especially those in less progressive and free-thinking areas (such as the 'Red States' in America) this is perhaps the first time they have heard about Evolution or learned about the existence of transgenders.

What is the change we seek?

Ideally, there would not be films with divisive or narrow-minded perspectives such as Avatar.  One idea that has been floated about and one that I support is the Diversity and Fairness Act (DAFA).   DAFA would be a series of laws and guidelines to make sure that a book, a film, a radio program, a web site or any form of mass media or communication does not offend or promote messages of exclusion of hate.

If DAFA was enacted already there would be no Rush Limbaugh spewing messages of hate and war-mongering.  There would be no Sarah Palin promoting her anti-Evolution and theme of Americanism.  I strongly believe DAFA would have forced James Cameron to make films that respect diversity and are socially and scientifically inclusive.

DAFA would be run by free-thinkers and society's most intelligent and progressive.  Such people could have advised and guided Cameron into making a more thoughtful and inclusive film.  We are fortunate that we have such a person in President Obama who is currently transitioning America to progression.  If there was ever a time to make DAFA a reality, it is now. 


  1. It is unfortunate that your parents allow you to run a blog. You are not particularly intelligent, which only serves to make your bigotry all the more unsightly.

  2. Do you know what you are Lara? A Nazi!

    You should be ashamed of yourself for being so umcomprehensive towards other poits of view.

    And for once I'd like to see an answer other than 'I'm sorry but I desagree...'

  3. Oh! And yeah, Avatar is a GREAT movie

  4. How EXACTLY does Avatar promote messages of exclusion or hate?
    Just because the central characters are seemingly heterosexual does not make a film homophobic.
    Is Brokeback Mountain therefore heterophobic?

    I cannot work out if this site is either completely moronic, completely humourless or satirical.

    "Thank you for your opinion, but I disagree."

  5. So you want to create the Diversity Police, which will arrest James Cameron for not including a gay sex scene like the incredibly weird videos you posted, and will arrest Sarah Palin for believing in the Bible? This sounds totally feasible! Call your local representatives!

  6. Excuse me, but wasn't the Sigourney Weaver character gay, as is that just my imagination?
    And as another poster put it elsewhere (rather crudely, my apologies) - can't you just imagine all the aliens butt-fucking off-screen? I can, and I must say that thought adds to my enjoyment of the film.
    I agree, James Cameron should be arrested and forced to show these scenes.

  7. Lol, now you're a freedom hating Nazi! You are entertaining Lara. Sad, not very bright and hateful, but entertaining.

  8. I totally support this. Go Lara!

  9. sounds to me that somebody with zero life experience, and near to zero education, has read a dictionary and decided to show off.

  10. Your clear and concise vision of the future is inspiring and prescient. With DAFA, not only will we one day be able to dictate content to filmmakers, authors, journalists and musicians, but we will finally have the legal mandate to go back and selectively edit creative works, news items, and even the classics to reflect the scientific and social truths that we have decided are necessary to reflect the values of our limited but superior segment of society! Why shouldn't we control the past, as well as the present?

    Except perhaps '1984'. We might have to just ban that one outright. :/

  11. Though I do agree that we should see more diverse relationships in movies and widen our view, this site is completely moronic.
    Why pick on avatar. Tons of movies have heterosexual relationships. Hell, it would probably make more sense if you went after romantic comedies, BUT AVATAR? Please take your head out of your ass, because protesting this just makes you look like an idiot.

  12. Its ok. "Lara" is just a 14 year old brat who probably calls himself Transgender because he thinks it's the cool thing right now, and thinks that because his balls have dropped that he is on the same intellectual level as adults.

  13. If this was enacted, there would also be no freedom of speech and people who promoted doctrines that were factually incorrect, such as you (as demonstrated by any number of posters, in replies that you refuse to acknowledge or respond to) could be forced to shut the fuck up and accept what the rest of society says.

    This is the OPPOSITE of what you want. Freedom of speech is the right to say whatever you want, regardless of who agrees with you or whom you offend. Check your country's constitution: "freedom from being offended" isn't in there.

  14. Obama needs to sign the Diversity and Fairness Act into law ASAP.

  15. Lara
    i dont get you...
    i asked you by email to show facts about your kind of evoultion no reply so far.
    and this DAFA... you protesting againts FREE SPEECH!
    if you disagree tell us what free speech is!

  16. SPOILER ALERT! DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM (and this includes you Lara)

    I've just read that James Cameron has seen this site, and is so both ashamed of himself and fearful of arrest and condemnation that he has hastily concocted a digital 'Director's Cut', and requested the earlier, non-inclusive version be withdrawn and burnt.
    In the new, correct version, the scene where the hero guy is cradled, dying, in his human form and the alien princess says 'I see you' - she then adds "And now I'm going to allow you to see me as I really am" - 'she' then whips off her loincloth to reveal a pair of big hairy balls!
    Everybody then cries, including the audience and Diversity Police in the cinema.

  17. Lara...
    Do you know what the biggest problem with your blog is? It is that you are not protesting FOR who knows what messed up gender rights. No. You are protesting AGAINST the rights of about 99% of humanity (yeah, like 7 billion people ) to live and act like heterosexuals (and even make films about it). So the world will not like you, and neither do I, and that is not because you are crazy, but because you try to force it on everyone. (Oh and pardon me if it is 98%)

  18. ^
    Yes, and then the Princess would say 'Surprise - I'm a dude too! I kept it hidden until you acquired wisdom. AND (undoing his trousers) just as you have scientists and doctors that can heal your legs - WE have medics that can lop off your balls and give you a fanny!"
    Tears of gratitude, as the hero croaks 'That's what I've always wanted, and I had to travel to outer space to find it! Goodbye balls, hello balls!"
    "Yes, we can be a glorious explosion of diversity"
    Now THAT would be a happy ending!

  19. I so cannot see the reasoning behind this.

    So, Avatar doesn't include a gay sex scene. Neither does Lord of The Rings, nor does just about very other movie out there. Saying that Cameron is anti-evolution without backing up your statement just makes you seem like an idiot. The whole "thank you but I disagree" is more or less the same as saying "I can't come up with a good response" or thinking you're somehow superior to all others because you think so and so.

    You're not.

    Though I must say, this is about the best attempt at trolling I've ever seen.

  20. This DAFA thing Lara, you're trying to bring out the new spanish inquisition.

    Congratulations for the message of equality that you're trying to pass Miss Hitler.

  21. Lara, if you're being serious then you clearly have some issues about your own sexuality and you are going online to seek support - fair enough, and you have my sympathy, even if the way you are going about it has clearly backfired and you are just bringing ridicule upon yourself.

    If you are being satirical, well done for inspiring such mirth.

    BTW, Lord of the Rings is completely gay, it's just there is no sex in it.

  22. At least 20% of the world's population is gay and another 10 to 20% is bi-sexual so there nothing outrageous about what's being said here. We deserve representation.

  23. In other news, Lara is just a dumb fucked up slut, basically.

  24. So 'at least' 40% of the world is non-hetero...
    Don't know where you got those figures from!

    But then, 'at least' 30% of the world is Chinese - why were there no ethnic Chinese plainly visible in Avatar?
    And I believe around 800 million people are left-handed (including myself) - why are we not prominent in Avatar?

    I definitely agree John Cameron should be forced to remake his movie, and every other movie, piece of art or music, book, anything should adhere to rigid codes of acceptable behaviour.

  25. Lara.... Are you feeling offended because they are not showing a bad example in Avatar?? WTF?
    Here is just a quick explanation of homosexual:

    You guys have some sort of brain damage NO OFFENS!!! but that is the truth

    and what the fuck are you guys talking about that gays and I dunno what other SICK people beign NOT represented !!!!! WHAT THE FUCK??

  26. So you're saying that in any movie that has to do with ANYTHING in the future, or in other planets, all characters should be gay, bi, and transgendered? That really doesn't make much sense. . .

  27. You and people like you are damaging to LGBT society. When I read this kind of nonsense i get extremely homophobic ...

  28. I cannot even think of something wise or funny to say here except....


  29. I have to say this not only as an extremely Left-wing person but as a proud partner in a homosexual relationship: YOU'RE AN IDIOT.

    Oh, and the reason Mass Effect has lesbian sex in it is not to show how open-minded the future is but because guys like video games and guys like watching lesbian porn. That's it.

  30. Young Trans person here again... (And yes, I really am trans and NOT someone who listens to hate radio or whatever you said. I'm FTM, on hormones, the whole nine yards...)

    All I have to say is that you have NO IDEA what you are talking about honey. At all.

    So, let's pretend you do. You know what the solution to this is? Get your own couple million dollars together and make your *own* movie. Don't have the money? Create something indie. I know several young trans film makers who have put out great works of self expression to share for the world and represent us. It's a much better use of time than senseless, uneducated bitching.

  31. Oh by the way... Many transgender, transexual and intersex people identify as heterosexual. Isn't it a bit elitist to say this film is transphobic because there are no homosexual love scenes? The heterosexual ones suit many transfolk just fine.

    Still hoping you're a troll,

  32. P.S. - The sub title of your ("The future is transgender and not straight") makes NO sense AT ALL. Gender expression ("transgender") and sexual orientation ("straight") are two entirely different things. You are comparing apples and oranges here.

    If you really are a young trans person (and not just somone stirring up trouble), I suggest you go this website and read all of the tabs. Perhaps then you will the understand why you are deeply offending those you are attempting to "fight for".


  33. Ack. Typos. I am actually educated, and can write and spell. I don't want to further the idea that trans people are "ignorant and stupid. :)

  34. lol, this is what i have to say, a big, nice, rounded LOL!!!

    with all this blog, i rly am going to become homophobic. Congratulations to your idiocracy, you deserve it!

    btw, i rly hope someday they finaly prove homosexuality is actually a brain malfunction. Evolution made us evolve to male/female coupple, and not for male/male or female/female.
    Just a real pity Evolution of Species, ie "surviving of the fittest" doesnt apply in a full extent to human race anymore...

  35. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The fact that so many people have actually written comments to this person as if they really believe the shit they're posting is ridiculous.
    Somebody just wants to feel special and we're all giving it to them by acting like their idiotic notions are real opinions.
    Good lord.

  36. The white man by his very nature is a perverted creature who manipulates not only the TRUTH but the laws of nature itself. He has murdered, oppressed, lied, stolen and he perverts. The white man is a parasite on this Earth.

  37. As i agrre with the homossexual rights. I totally disagre with this moviment...
    NO one should oblige someono to to something, if Cameron don't put gays in the movie, whats the problem? the movie put ant-gay lines, says tha be gay is wrong?
    So the people who are not be "free-thinkers" are you.
    YOu are acting like PAT Robertson
    Want Tolarence? So give the example and SHOW it!

  38. STUPID SLUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. This boycott sounded so absurd to me that I had to witness it for myself, and now that I have, it's probably the most idiotic and juvenile protest I've ever seen. But why only go after this one movie? We should mandate that every heterosexual movie in history be reshot to include homo/bi/transsexuality, but while we're at it (just to be fair), we need to mandate that every religion, financial status bracket, and color be included as well. Only then will things be truly fair. That doesn't sound over the top, does it? Oh, does because it IS.

    TL;DR: Just be glad you people got "Brokeback Mountain," "Boys Don't Cry," and "But I'm a Cheerleader." Now let one of your multiple dads get back on the computer.

  40. Lara's i bitchJanuary 18, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    You realize that your getting mad about rights towards a movie that is revolutionizing the world by taking people into another world for a few hours. You are just a pathetic little bitch that has never gotten any attention and just wait....because soon youl realize how no one rally gives a shit for any of this. just look at your polls. isnt that enough to see that your completley wrong on this? Either way your a dumb fuck nazi bitch who thinks her word is being heard by others when really they dont give a shit......

  41. I thank you for your opinion but I disagree.

  42. That is because, Lara, you are stupid enough to think that reality is subjective like this. It is not.

  43. I would like to see Congress pass a law allowing normal humans to kill moronic "progressives" like yourself. I would say that the purpose is so you don't procreate, but then again its not like anyone would with you.

  44. You LBGT nutjobs are awful. You assholes are destroying people's freedom!

  45. You see, that is where you stick your foot in your mouth. You're not irrationally pissed off because a movie promoted hatred or exclusion, but because your culture was not represented. The DAFA is about preventing racist, sexist, homophobic, creedist and other such scum from appearing in popular media. You want your culture to be represented before others even if they are more promonent. You don't want fairness, you want preferencial treatment and that is wrong.

    You Lose!

  46. Okay, thusfar I've remained silent. To me, this blog is like a horrible car wreck or something that should be too horrifying to watch but you just can't tear your eyes away.

    Hate to tell you this but you would be in violation of your ridiculous DAFA act. Are you SO narrow minded that you can't see that? Whether you are right or wrong, look how many thousands of people you have offended with your content.

    Besides that, you speak of evolution trending towards a unisex society (at least that is what I believe you to be saying, but you're too dumb to use the right term, instead telling me that all our decendents some day are going to be born as a male and feel like a female and visa versa). Okay, that's great. It may happen, it may not. Do I care? Nope. Want to know why? Evolution (which I DO believe in by the way) takes thousands and millions of years. Will you still be around then? Nope. So you can stop worrying about the movies like Avatar that are put out now. By the time that day comes, IF it ever comes, no one will even know what Avatar was.