Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Um, Is James Cameron's Avatar Offensive to Transgender Humans?

Queerty Home weighs in Avatar:

Have you seen James Cameron's new bajillion-dollar film Avatar yet? We have not! Probably because today is the film's official release date, and we were not invited to a screening. But that won't stop us from weighing in on a grassroots effort to boycott the film because it offends … transgender people. ( Link)


  1. Not a bad example of Poe's Law, but this one was better:

    Transgender cartoons? ROFL.

  2. get the fuck outside QQer. go hate the birds and the bees some more.
    you make me sick

  3. Batzarro should not know more about evolution than you. Because Batzarro is a straigh male Christian. But evolution is not like Pokemon.

    See, in evolution, the being with more favorable traits have more of a chance of passing such traits. This is called natural selection. In short, whatever helps you sustain yourself, become stonger and healthier and breed is more likely to be passed on to your sons.

    Now, if you can explain me how being gay AT ALL helps you breed, then maybe we can talk about us evolving to be all transgender.But the fact is homosexuality is less genetic and more a psychosocial and cultural thing, which has less to do with evolution than you think. And If you want to use "Pregnant Man" as proof, that took somethng 80 percent of the planet doesn't have: money. Homosexual breeding would be overtly costly, at least compared to heterosexual breeding anyway.Though guilting everyone into gayness, that has proven succesfull!

    Also, it's just a movie, not a God-Damn Crystal Ball. Even is it claimed to know the real future, Sci FI has a funny way of not predicting the future. That's why I don't have a teleporter.

  4. Through reading this I've come to see the opinions on both sides are fairly ignorant.

    I don't see how this movie in any way is harmful to the gay community, and I'm not sure why it's being picked on. I don't see how the world is going to evolve to become gay or transgendered... especially transgendered as it's moreso mostly due to a somehwhat rare case of hormone mishap during prenatal development.
    Homosexuality is not purely based on genetics, or rearing but rather an intricate combination of many factors -brain chemistry, prenatal development, childhood experiences, etc. It's certainly not a choice, either, despite what many ill-informed people are saying here.
    I can see how the LBGT community feels misrepresented/underepresented in popular culture, but that's not to say that this movie is anti LGBT.

    How is the future transgender, again? I mean, seriously. That doesn't make any logical sense.

  5. First i agree with what batzarro said. second it is an ASSUMPTION that the world is become more and more transgendered. DO NOT forget the real reason that the sexual organs are not SOLEY for pleasure but their main purpose is to reproduce and propagate the species. I will cede the point that there are people who are born gay, but isn't it more plausible that they were born that way because their line of genes had no more to add to the human gene pool?

    and another thing there are ALOT less gay/transgendered people in this earth than straight and our numbers continue to grow at an exponential rate which FAR outpaces the rate of growth of gay and transgenders. i will point out that i have no problem with you or anyone else being gay or transgendered, but i do have a problem when it is stipulated that the world will eventually be just like you. its insane to think that just because we are intelligent species that we can survive even in the future without natural sexual reproduction.


  6. I'm protesting Avatar and YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

  7. ok... this is truly PATHETIC!..... time to get a grip here people!

    THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION! please stop confusing it with reality!!!

    honestly.. what sort of hallucinogenic drugs are you taking?

    just because this story doesn't make allowences for LGBT diversity in a future setting, it doesn't mean that LGBT diversity won't exist in our future "reality".

  8. I have to say being trans myself that I do not see the threat of this movie at all. Science fiction movies have always been based on myth and or fantasy and people need to quit attacking everyone about little things since the world has much bigger issues to deal with right now.
    Yes everyone has a right to live as they feel however this war between heterosexuals and the rest of us has got to stop and as far as the trans community quit being so sensitive because who knows what the future holds for any of us. We all might not be here tomorrow to worry about it. LIVE LIVE NOW AND LOVE, quit spreading more upset.

  9. When I was recently subjected to anti-gay hate, many LGBT "equality advocates" laughed at me.
    Instead, they jump on the bandwagon of nonsense like this.

    The entire movement has been hijacked by abusive, five year old bullies who are too stupid to see that they're holding all of us back.

  10. Being angry at a James Cameron blockbuster is like bring angry at beer: Sure, it's not good for you or society. And true, if you consume too much of it, you're going to develop a problem. Nevertheless, if you enjoy it in small doses and never take things too seriously while you do so, you'll probably end up having a good time.

  11. I'm so mad at this movie. Just like the Back to the Future movies infuriated me, with their assumption that we would still have abusive straight relationships in the future, and there was no representation of gay people whatsoever! Oh my God, I hated that! Because, doesn't it make sense, that since being gay is evolutionarily superior, that no one would be straight, and definitely not abusive, and everyone would just strive to be gay?

    Never mind the fact that two mates of the same gender wouldn't be able to reproduce... Because that's not important to evolution at all...

    I am Pro-Gay, but if you stand up while I'm trying to watch the freakin' movie, I will demand you to pay for my ticket.

  12. Someone will always be offended by something, no matter how small or obscure. Let this be forgotten.

    Also, if you stand up, I will drop you.

  13. Why would humans evolve to be transgendered? There is absolutely no evolutionary advantage to having a gender identity independent of your body, hence natural selection would not result in the proliferation of transgenderism. You can be offended by petty and stupid things like non-PC movies all you want, but don't back it up with false science to attract the gullible. It's irresponsible and discredits the entire movement.

    And on another note, when did heterosexuality become something BAD? I'm all for equality, but it's a fact that the majority of humans are heterosexual. Just because you believe in universal human rights doesn't mean you should raise a shitstorm if there are no Asian people in a commercial.

    In short, your personal gender identity is an imposition on nobody. Don't turn it into one by standing in front of me when I'm trying to watch a damn movie--and if you do, expect to be dragged out of the theater by your hair.

  14. 1) Congratulations. You posted a link to a news article about *yourself* and claimed that it proved you weren't the only person with this issue. That is circular reasoning, my friend, and it doesn't prove anything except that you clearly don't read the things you post links to (I'll get to that in a second.)

    2) YOU CLEARLY DON'T READ THE THINGS YOU POST LINKS TO! This article disagrees with you! It makes some great points, which I've listed earlier, but you don't seem to care about that. They very clearly state that they don't understand what you're taking offense to, but I guess you'd have to bother to read the article to find out.

    3) The article raises a very valid point that I hadn't thought of before. I'll simply quote it here. "[...] the bigger point this whole protest misses? There is a human being having a sexual relationship with a space alien!" I think that goes much further at promoting alternate sexualities than simply having a gay character. But meh.

  15. Losers. Every single one of you.

  16. the whole reason your protesting this movie is because most other media has at least one black person.

  17. WOW. SERIOUSLY?? Thanks. I now feel "more stupider" than I did 3 minutes ago.

  18. It takes all kinds... and YOU ... are a MORON with absolutely NO COMMON SENSE.

    friggin Liberal.

  19. Maybe there are no LGBT people in Avatar's future because everyone got sick of them coming up with stupid protests like this?

  20. Evolution is scientific fact. With the passage of time, a species will evolve and will improve biologically. With the growing dangers of climate change it is clear that the human race will become Transgender to reduce its impact on the Earth. The "male/female" divide has created too many people, too much breeding, too much social conflict, too much waste and pollution. A transgender species will reduce redundancy and provide greater efficiency.

  21. The crazy colonel would rather shoot fagz, not Na'vis.

  22. BTW, Lara, have u ever heard of transhumanism and human modification? There will be no need for evolution once this succeeds. Probably in this century, not the next. But... the movie is not about tomorrow and "them", it is about today and us.

  23. i am all for ,well not all for, gay people andd the freadom of choice. but you are all a bunch of retards. seriously? i just watched the movie, and the only thing youre mad about is that they are not gay? so you want us to remake every movie into a homosexual film? what the heck is wrong with you, there was only one slightly offensive thing i caught in the movie, and that was only offensive to pagans. so if you want to complain about a movie, next time, watch it first, then find something legit to bitch about. i hope you people that protested tonite feal retarded, because you are

  24. Look, this is so stupid
    I'm an out and proud lesbian
    but what the fuck people

    i went and saw the movie today with my father
    it is the best movie that i have seen in a very long time and i feel that whoever has the time and money should go see it. it has a very good message to it.

    now if you want to make a protest make on about that law that they are trying to pass to kill gays. or something about how much many they spent on the movie when so many people are homeless and go hungry.

    just don't be the dumb fucks that you are being

  25. You do realize that link is actually MAKING FUN OF YOU for protesting Avatar right?

  26. i love this person:

    "Anonymous said...

    'Someone will always be offended by something, no matter how small or obscure. Let this be forgotten.

    Also, if you stand up, I will drop you.'"

    amen, brother. or sister. or, uh... sibling. there, i got everyone.

  27. Would it have hurt Cameron to include a Trans Gender person in the movie? I don't think so. I think people are pretty diverse and it would have been cool to see something different.

  28. You people are stupid... period. If I fart in Walmart and a midget walks past.. have I offended Midgets? For goodness sake, get a GRIP!

  29. Does nobody here understand that there is a difference between gender identity (eg male, female, both, neither) and sexual orientation (eg gay, bi, straight etc)?

    This protest makes absolutely no sense!

  30. "Sassy Girl said...
    Would it have hurt Cameron to include a Trans Gender person in the movie? I don't think so. I think people are pretty diverse and it would have been cool to see something different."

    I don't think he should have to cater to whiny little faggots who get butthurt about every little fucking thing.

    So he dosen't have a LGBT character, its his movie and he can write it how he wants.

    If you wrote a movie and didn't include any straight people and someone protested and told you shouldput in a token straight prson in all of your movies regardless of weather they fit the plot or not would you do it? I fucking doubt it.

    I'm Bisexual and consider myself gender fluid and I'm not offended that there aren't any Bi or trans characters in this movie, because it was a good movie and a fun experiance. It didn't have a fucking thing to do with sexuality or gender idenity ( in fact it had more to do with species idenity ) Get the fuck over it, not everyone is going to do something you like and unless you plan on protesting everything ever made that dosen't include a LGBT character then you need to grow the fuck up.

  31. this is a really funny joke
    i cant believe so many ppl are even botter to comment

    cause it is a joke, right?

  32. A large portion of the registered posters on here are trolls (If for some reason you don't know what that is, it's a person that goes onto controversial internet sites and screws with people, usually by pretending to support the site and increase controversy.) Here's the thing: Just because a movie doesn't have a gay person in it does NOT mean it advocated hate towards homosexuals. My family does not have a gay person in it, does that mean I hate you? No, however I do think you're incredibly ignorant for protesting a movie you haven't even seen, an incredibly good movie at that.

    Now, I might take you more seriously if you saw the movie and THEN decided whether or not it targeted you or any other group for discrimination.

    Oh, and pro-tip: It. Doesn't.

  33. This is one of the most stupid protests that I have ever herd of im not against homosexuals because in one my self but it truly is a stupid protest because the sript if you know the history of it was make almost 15 years ago and I think that homosexualty was just starting out wasent it?

  34. Ah ha ha ha! You quote an article that LAUGHS at your own website. And I mean laughs and sneers! Ah ha ha ha!

    (Come on - i can not have been the only one who followed the link and laughed)

  35. Uhh...hang on. They only explored two peoples's sexualities in the movie - Jake Sully & Naytiri. They were what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Any of the people on the base, or the Na-vi, could have been homosexual, bisexual or transgendered - because let's be honest, their sexual identity had nothing to dow tih the plot. Just as your sexual identity doesn't completely define you. I'm gay, out and proud of it, but I don't need to constantly reassure myself by anouncing it in completely unrelated, y'know, if I was a scientist at a mine on Pandora. What the hell would that have to do with my sexuality or gender identity? You're just ASSUMING that they're all heterosexual...which is pretty homophobic.

    You're giving the equality movement a bad name. Please stop.

  36. Whoever came up with this complaint needs to learn a little bit about science. Humans will NEVER naturally become transgender through their idea of evolution. Having male and female production of offspring is the cornerstone of the mammal class of organisms. It's like claiming that in the near future, humans will be cold-blooded. No matter how long technology hampers us and encourages these changes, it will NEVER happen. It simply is not possible. Androgyny is not a characteristic of mammals.

  37. trans people suck

  38. here's a suggestion

    instead of throwing such a crybaby shitfit, why not write a story about transgender folk?

  39. Ok, saying trangenders are superior is the same thing as saying being straight is superior. Neither statement is right, they're both prejudiced statements made by people who fear what is diferent. Evolution technically speaking depends on straight individuals in order to pass on mutated genetic material that eventually causes the evolution of the species. But gay pairings etc must also play some important part we have yet to discover/understand, otherwise GLBT people would not exist today. Both pairings are natural and commonplace, simple proof being all over nature, where most species have a balance of both straight AND gay couples/mates, what have you. Like it or not we are animals so therefore looking at other animals in nature to understand ourselves is only logical.

  40. Plan and simple fact, movies today will not be about unconventional love stories. How many films have been released MAIN STREAM based on a homosexual relationship? I'm going to have to go and say that mainstream none have been released. Now the whole idea evaluation to transgender, being transgendered myself I find that hard to believe as well. Look at what evaluation is about, it is about allowing for compensating and survival of the species. Transgender individuals can not really produce children. Lets face it, we all will have to have straight people around to allow for child bearing, just a fact of life. But the film also isn't about the human race it is about the fictional Na'vi race, a race where a LIFE LONG BOND is made while mating, don't u see how that is science fiction A LIFE LONG BOND! Lets face it, the movie is a visually stunning film, but all this talk about how it is an insult to the transgender community is offsetting and uncalled for.

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