Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why stop the Avatar movie?

In short, Avatar has heterosexual themes, that's why. Not that hetrosexual themes are anything new in American films but when you consider the context in which the Avatar story is set, the message of this film is highly irresponsible.

Here's a summary of what is wrong with the Avatar film:

1) Avatar assumes that the heterosexual, "male" and "female" attraction will still be the primary relationship basis in the future.

2) Avatar ignores the fact of Evolution. Humans are evolving to be being Transgender, NOT heterosexual,

3) Avatar also assumes that intelligent beings on other worlds would be hetrosexual.

In addition, the film uses militaristic themes and promotes violence as a means of story-telling and social context.


  1. I don't think this film takes place far enough in the future for that much evolution to occur. We haven't really changed much in the last few thousand years, why would we in the next few?

  2. hahaha "evolving to be transgender".


    wow, this is pure comedy gold right there buddy, keep it up

  3. i love what you're saying.

  4. If you're any indication, humans are evolving to be morons.

  5. Haha, "message of this film is highly irresponsible". Idiot. Man is the most powerful of all animals in part because most of humanity still reproduces in a normal healthy way. I wonder if Hello traces his or her beginning to his dad banging some other guys ass. lol

  6. Hai. I read yur about me.

    Bush isn't President.

    Obama hates gay marriage. Dong know what Obama thinks about trannies but I think Michelle is one so...

  7. Humans and all other beings are innately wired to be heterosexual. Why? Because homosexual sex does not perpetuate the species. Homosexual sex is psychological, while heterosexual sex is neurological. And by the way, do you really think that humans are evolving to do away with the idea of *chromosomes*? Learn some basic fucking life science, retard.

  8. We stopped evolving a long time ago, you moron. Why don't you stop for a minute to read and inform yourself instead of parroting the first pop-theory that agrees with your ideals? Besides, evolution needs procreation in sexual species(like us) so it's pretty stupid that we would evolve into a state that eliminates our tendency to procreate.

  9. Okay. Firstly I must say...what IS this bullshit? I'm a gay male myself, and I am completely ASHAMED to call myself as such. Protesting a movie because it has heterosexual themes? AND YOU WONDER WHY THEY DETEST OUR KIND?!? Never have I ever seen so much ignorance in one place on the internet. I'm ashamed. You are the reason why gay rights are detested. YOU are the reason people despise us. YOU ARE THE REASON GAY BASHERS GO AROUND BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF OUR FELLOW GAY MAN. Please...refer to yourself as crazy, NOT homosexual. You'd be disgracing the gay community.

  10. I'm sorry you feel that way Joseph. You should NEVER feel ashamed at being gay. You should ALWAYS be proud of it. But I disagree with you. Gay rights are detested are only detested by the intolerant and by those who fear free-thinking and progressive values. We should be able to express who we are, say who we are and BE who we are without fear.

  11. Haha, what a dumb fuck you are.

  12. As a Christian, I certainly feel attacked by your views toward Christians. For all of your talk about intolerance, you are very intolerant. So who's the hypocrite? As a Christian, I've got no beef with you. Lucky for us Christians we have never been marginalllized or oppressed, oh except for that guy Jesus.

  13. this a joke?

    I know there are some frighteningly stupid people out there, but this is actually shocking.

    If you actually understood ANYTHING about evolution, you'd realize that your whole point about humankind evolving to a "transgenered" state makes absolutely no sense. Sexual selection (competition between HETEROSEXUAL animals) is one of the most important elements of evolution- not something that we'll eventually evolve "past". It ensures genetic variability and provides the raw material necessary for evolution to even occur. Heterosexuality is how nature works, buddy. Homesexuals, transgendered people, whatever...anyone who doesn't actually reproduce is a genetic dead-end...actually comparable (form an evolutionary perspective) to someone with a fatal or sterilizing genetic condition. People with unusual sexual preferences will continue to be unusual. These are ANOMALIES and NOT a new trend or the future norm.

    This isn't hate speech, and I have no problem with homosexuals. Hell, you have a right to live however you want! This is just basic evolutionary fact.

    The fact that you'd apply your bizarre, inaccurate understanding of biology to a MOVIE intended to ENTERTAIN and not even accurately depict the future is....well, again, laughable. The plot (apparently paralleling the story of Pocahontas) is pretty dependent on an alien species that, for whatever reason, shares similar traits with us, INCLUDING our sexuality, and yes of course, our heterosexuality! Seriously dude...your thinking that heterosexuality will soon be "outdated" is beyond ignorant. The fact that you find a depiction of "heterosexuality" OFFENSIVE is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. If you're gay yourself, fine. Just try to think about this rationally (might be a tall order for you). Your unbelievable stupidity is actually doing DAMAGE to your cause. You are a joke, and we'd all be better off if you'd shut up. The film makers are going to make their millions and create their masterpieces with or without your obnoxious, bitchy, ignorant dissent.

    Nobody cares.

  14. Well, how would a transgendered species reproduce then? But I guess if I told you to "go fuck yourself", you could!

  15. Lesbians gives birth all the time

  16. ROFL dude, you are high :)

    And its HETEROSEXUAL <---

    Your assumption is bizarre because there is already millions of years evolution gone by, and i hate to bring you the news that homosexuals are STILL a very little MINORITY, despite what MTV and Hollywood wants to make you believe.

    "heterosexual theme is highly irresponsible"...yeah dude...stop smoking that pipe.

  17. I thank you for your opinion but I disagree.

  18. Is this some kind of joke?

    Do you seriously believe that such a dramatic change will occur in both human society and evolution within the next 150 years (the movie takes place in 2154)?

    I can't believe anyone would truly think this, so I'm going to assume this is instead a thinly veiled attempt to attack homosexuals by associating them with an utterly insane idea such as this.

  19. This is not a joke. It is a plea for justice and for tolerance and for science. You are right: the movie Avatar takes place in the year 2154 and it is very depressing that the movie presents us with a future of humanity and is "straight" and uses violence. People are yearning for progress. They want health care. They want gay marriage. They want an end to war. We need hope and we need truth especially for our young people who deserve a chance to be their real selves, gay, bi, lesbian, transgender and so on.

  20. You make no sense...

  21. This has to be a hoax. Please, say this is a hoax.

  22. People are evolving to be transparent, not transgender and science has clearly demonstrated that life on other planets is not intelligent or in relationships: it is sludge or at best little asexual furrbies.

  23. Aside from the ludicrous nature of this fame-whore seeking blog, what you post is borderline offensive and at best moronically ignorant.

    1) Transgenderism is NOT a sexuality, preference or otherwise. Gender has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Period.

    2) Transgender is not a noun. One is not "a transgender." They are transgendered or a transsexual. Often times in the community people are refered to as just being "trans."

    3) Do you seriously think the most expensive movie in the history of cinema is going to cater to your specific syphofantic whims and become the most expensive movie ever to play at a GLBT film festival?

    As a well adjusted transsexual lesbian woman, I would like to take this opportunity to appologize to the world on behalf of this blogger's comments and rest assured they are completely insane or just plain trying to drum up press by sounding as crazy as possible. Either way, they in no way represent the GLBT community.

  24. you are the least intelligent person i have ever come across. my friends 3 yr old son has a better grasp on reality than you.

  25. UHM
    this is all pretty ridiculous. And i get what everyone is saying about how there's more gay and lesbian people in the world
    that doesn't mean that everyone is that way. They are right. It is still a small minority
    i understand that change is a good thing and so is variety but to think that one day most people will be transsexual or gay or lesbian is to think that one day mankind won't reproduce anymore
    not gonna happen
    there's tons of people who accept gays but there are tons more of people who won't ever be homosexual and that's their choice
    as for the movie
    this is where it gets really ridiculous
    you just have to think back to sex ed
    think about reproduction....
    are you thinking about it?
    okay now stop :)
    I think it's safe to say that there are two genders in most if not every species
    you take one female and one male to reproduce
    i can't believe that this doesn't make sense to you.
    and also
    if i were the writer of this movie i'd just be trying to tel,l a good story

    The bottom line is if you don't like the story then you should open up microsoft word or notepad or whatever you use, type out the story and fix it the way you want it. That way it'll be just so and you'll be able to sleep at night again :)
    hope i shed a little light on that <3

  26. It must be an assumption that TG, homosexual percentage of the population must be quite high; around 30%. News flash, its not. TG will remain a very small number. Homosexual population percentage will probably remain where it is. I'm not really sure that the will be an equivalent to a gay/lesbian caucus in government bodies. People are still fighting for women's suffrage for well over 200 years worldwide and some countries still don't have basic rights for women let alone the right to vote. So your notion that TG and homosexual community will have all these rights and be widely excepted without issue in 150 years is wishful thinking.

    In regards to the "militaristic themes and promotes violence as a means of story-telling and social context", conflict and strife have been used as a way of telling emotional and powerful stories for centuries. That will never change. No matter how advanced humans get, technologically or physiologically, there will be armed conflict. That is human nature. To think that in 150 years human will evolve past the use of war would be about as absurd as saying that in 150 years trans-gender and homosexuality will no longer exist.

  27. The future might be transgender but the present is incredibly dumbass.

  28. 1) I hate to break it to you: heterosexual attraction will still be the primary relationship basis in the future. This is an evolutionary necessity. Homosexuals are less likely to produce offspring (note the word "produce", meaning adoption doesn't count because we're talking about *biological* evolution). I say this as the son of two lesbian women. Categorically, the easiest (and, thus, most likely) way for the species to continue is for men and women to continue fornicating and making babies. The fact that this is the easiest way to create more offspring means that, by natural selection, this will continue to be the de facto way to create more offspring. Yes, variants exist, but they are much less common. Does this make homosexuality wrong? No. Just evolutionarily disadvantageous.

    2) Humans are evolving to be transgendered? I can't speak to that, but it would be great if you felt like citing... Oh, I don't know... A paper from a peer-reviewed journal, or a news article, or a fucking Wikipedia article. But you don't. So I can only assume you're making this up.

    3) Assuming beings on other planets were to generate offspring via sexual reproduction, then yes. They would be heterosexual. The only two alternatives are non-sexual reproduction and non-existence. Given the fact that this movie is a love story between a human and a member of that alien race, non-sexual reproduction is a really stupid creative decision in which to take this FICTIONAL story.

  29. 1. it's a movie. get over it. it's not even a remotely realistic movie. its a SCI-FI romance, and the main characters happen to be heterosexual. i'm sure if every character in the movie had his or her sexual orientation published that some of them would be gay. but the two main characters were straight, so thats what the movie focuses on.

    2. grow the fuck up. stop looking for hate crimes and homophobic behavior everywhere, because thats really the only way you could ever have come up with this. its disgusting and you aren't helping your cause. the movie is not insulting to homosexuals just because it doesn't mention them. and again, its a fucking movie. it's purely entertainment. so stop the attention seeking.

  30. this is the most idiotic thing I've seen in the while, and can only assume it's outlandishness is purposeful simple to draw website hits. You realize that if man and woman stop being attracted to eachother in the future...then there is no future, correct? Wow...just wow. Write what you want to write...but if anyone, for anyreason, buys a ticket with the sole purpose of disturbing my movie...then gay, straight, both, neither..i will kick your ass

  31. heterosexuals will always be the primary relationship basis in the future. because without straight people we would go extinct.

    Gays who think this are just a homosexual Fred Phelps

  32. Ummm... gordho, Jesus was a jew. Just saying.


  34. "heterosexuals will always be the primary relationship basis in the future."

    How do you know that???

  35. And how do you know that homosexuality will be the norm in the future?
    Oh, right, you don't. And it probably won't.

    Seriously, it's a damn movie, it's fiction, why do you care so much? People aren't going to walk out of that theatre thinking, "Hm, the two main characters were both straight, so I think i'm going to go hate on gays now."

    It's people like you who give homosexuals like me a bad name.

  36. You're assuming an awful lot about the future. You have no idea of what the future will bring, but more importantly the movie was made NOW, not in the future. Should all of the actors been paid $500,000/hr just because that "might" be what actors are paid in the future?

    Maybe, just maybe you need to go away and get some self-esteem. Other than a self-esteem issue, there is no purpose for you protesting this, there will be no benefit by whining and protesting this at all.

    I can't wait until they make a movie about Obama, and they start protesting that Obama should be played by a Gay man, Michelle a Lesbian and their two adopted trans-gendered daughters.

    Maybe the protestors would like some Cheese with their Whine

  37. uh gordho, i take it you dont know your history so i will fill you in. Christians have been persecuted and oppressed, unless being fed to the lions by the Romans doesnt count as opression. It wasnt until Constantine adopted Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire that we became a dominant religion, we earned our status by not being fucktarded like the gays saying shit like "there are no gay people represented in this movie!"

  38. And Jesus was a Jew. We claim Jesus! He's ours. You can have the apostles and all that but Jesus is a member of our religion. Oh and gays in this movie and representation blah blah blah etc...

  39. You are getting lots of views with this troll page, sure, but what exactly are you selling? People pass this link as a joke, since basically you're adamantly claiming that "I think x, so x, and everyone thinking that not-x is wrong and stupid."

    For the next few people who try to make sense of this farce, try to comment on why would you think evolution is going transgendered. What evidence is there? What is the evolutionary mechanism working behind this, what traits cause the move into that direction? While you're at it, explain basic evolutionary process and how it has worked this far for the viewers who don't know or can't remember the basic concept.

    You're talking science stuff, the least you could do is be scientific about it, not fundamentalistic.

  40. This movie is anti-corporation, a giant metaphor for why Iraq is bad, extremely environmentalist, and even came close to saying the whole "Manifest Destiny" shit was bad and we should give land back to the Native Americans. (I agree with all these points)
    Putting gay people in it? Really? I'm all for gay rights, but Jesus Christ show thicker skin. It's a god damned movie. Star Wars didn't have gays, was that horrible? Look, putting gays in the movie would make two things happen:
    1. The movie would only be played in the shitty small theaters, because big ones wouldn't want the gamble.
    2. Only upper class libs would see it and think they're doing a great justice.


  42. ORLY?! Damn damn damn! ORLY!?!?!?!

  43. you sir, are a troll.

  44. To the guy who said Star Wars didn't have gays -- duh, C-3P0 and R2-D2.

  45. ur all gay fags if u think this movie is to heterosexual

  46. Epic troll dude. I want to be like you. A good troll, that is. Not a sodomite.

  47. Umm, wow. So I have nothing against gays, lasbians, bis or transexuals, but REALLY? Explain to me exactly how two gay men would continue the human race if everyone but them were killed? Exactly, you can't. Because really what you're saying is that heterosexual relationships will die out and that is just not correct. And that would just leave homosexual relationships, which left at male/male or female/female cannot possibly lead to a birth. So humans would be extinct. Yes, there's artificial insemintaion but still, no. If you're going to start a hate blog about a movie, go get some common sense first

  48. why do you gays always feel so insecure. .just be gay and happy no?

    what difference would it make to you or me if Colonel Miles Quaritch was shown as a queer?

  49. As a gay man, I feel qualified to tell you that you are out of your fucking mind. No species would "evolve" to a transgender state, because transgenderism will not overtake heterosexuality as the most viable state for the continuation of the species. Why? Because successful traits are passed on in evolution, and a trait that ends in reproduction will always be more successful than a trait that, you know, DOESN'T.

  50. "Avatar also assumes that intelligent beings on other worlds would be hetrosexual."

    "intelligent beings" seems to make it pretty clear that they would be heterosexual, amirite?

    You must be the dumbest motherfucker in the world. I don't have a problem with gays, but you're a fucking idiot. Morons like you give the gay community a bad name. At least this was good for a laugh. I especially enjoyed your polls:

    What kind of relationship would you like to see in Avatar?
    3472 (70%) Other
    (obviously "other" is heterosexual because that's the only option you didn't give)

    Are you OK with the hetrosexual theme in Avatar?
    6765 (88%) Yes

    How will you protest Avatar?
    7479 (93%) I won't protest

    Congratulations on making the internet think all gays are retarded.

  51. That much evolution will not occur in under one hundred and fifty years.


    The movie is fantasy. Now, if I were to go write a book and I didn't include a homosexual character, should we stop my book? No. Should we go back and remove all other books that have no gay characters? No.

    FANTASY. F-A-N-T-A-S-Y. Fantasy.

    Understand? Yes? Shall I link you a dictionary definition? Would that help? No, probably not, you wouldn't fucking click on it would you? I didn't think so.

    Just because homosexuals are allowed out of the closet without being persecuted now DOES NOT MEAN that heterosexuals need to be stuffed into the closet. Just because YOU have rights now doesn't mean that all of a sudden no one else does.

    Get a life. Or, go dance around in front of the theatre with a sign and see how many avid fantasy and sci-fi lovers take pictures of you and laugh. "Look, Johnny, there's a crazy animal over there! Look, look at it hop around and scream!" That's what everyone is going to tell their children when they see you.

    Get a reality check.

    OR, BETTER YET - Pull your head out of your ass and leave those of us who like a good FICTIONAL FUCKING STORY THE FUCK ALONE. Don't worry, we don't like you either. It's okay.

    You know...I wonder what would happen if we actually found another planet that had sentient, intelligent bipedal humanoid creatures (good fuck, the likelihood of that happening anyway) that ACTUALLY WEREN'T ALL HOMOSEXUAL...would we nuke them because they were different? Because that's not a human tradition on THIS planet.

    Go fuck yourself. Please. Enjoy it. If you can't get a good charge out of going to see a good sci-fi/fantasy flick, then you probably can't get a good charge out of anything BUT fucking yourself.

  52. Tara rules my world...that was awesome hahahaha

  53. I hope you do not procreate

  54. Why thank you, Anon. I felt quite exhilerated after that. I needed to let that out.

  55. Get a psychologist

  56. I could sue you because of hate crime against heterosexual people you know?

  57. I don't know about you but I've never met aliens so it's pretty much fucking impossible to actually discuss what you "think" other aliens would be like.

  58. There was a lot of Pantheisim in the movie (God is personified in all of nature) which isn't part of our Christian faith. But why do Christians embrace the evils of capitalism and warfare, and still claim to follow Christ who would never have sanctioned an unjust war, and Who had no place to lay His head? NOT ONCE does Christ command Christians to colonialize primitive societies to steal their natural resources. Jesus has been reinvented to adapt to men's greed, I'm afraid.

  59. wow, with all our fancy technology, we have trouble predicting the weather properly. Yet Lara thinks she can predict the future!, go back to your cave, for we are not worthy o mighty timelord.

  60. 1. Well, duh. I support gay rights, although I am heterosexual, but that's just stupid. I hate to break it to you, but transsexual people CANNOT REPRODUCE, at least not without spending OBSCENE AMOUNTS OF MONEY. And the transsexual operation itself costs obscene amounts of money. Most people in the world do not have enough money to afford the operation, let alone enough to afford reproducing afterward. Now, I'm sure that you say, "National healthcare will pay for all of that and make us happy". There's a problem here, too. Sure, national healthcare could pay for the operations and let everyone change sex and start procreating. BUT
    1) If everyone changes sex this way, all it will do is spend massive sums of money to have everything basically the same. What's the point?
    2) Some people are happy with their gender and don't see any need to change.

    2. And where is the evidence? Clearly, there are at least (and far more than that, but I don't see the point of listing them) two major problems with your statement:
    A) Transsexuality is not naturally occurring; it is an expensive operation.
    B) There is an obvious physical explanation for two sexes - males and females have different parts.

    3. And why not? Of all intelligent beings we know of; that is, humans, an overwhelming majority are heterosexual, and since the non-heterosexual ones are incapable of reproduction, it's far more likely for heterosexuality to evolve than transsexuality. Even considering all vertebrates (it gets weird when considering invertebrates), the vast majority are heterosexual, although homosexuality exists as well. None are transsexual. Why should we assume that some fictional aliens must be transsexual? It, like you, is just dumb.

    Not to mention that Avatar is a SCIENCE FICTION FILM!!!!!!
    It is an artwork. The theme of it is not "transsexuals must die!" The heterosexual relationship depicted in it is not an attack on homosexuals. And I don't know about everyone else, but I'm bothered when entertainment includes token homosexual characters. What you're doing is the equivalent of attacking Avatar because none of the aliens are of African descent. And a variant of the same response applies: "There is no Africa there, it's ANOTHER FREAKING FICTIONAL PLANET!"

    And finally, why do you say "heterosexual" but "transgender"? What's wrong with "transsexual"? And there's a difference between sex and gender. "Transgender" is not only a biased wording, but inaccurate.

  61. how could all these people and aliens all be gay or transgender? no reproduction. pretty much everything would go extinct you dumb fuck.

    don't come up with IVF and other bullshit because it would not go fast enough, cost a lot (ruining the economy) and the aliens in this movie lack the technology.
    don't dare tell me, (an evolutionist) that evolution leads to being transgender. we (THAT INCLUDES YOU) would not exist if not for heterosexuality. and I in particular don't want to see our species (or any alien species, for that matter) near extinction because some people thought being straight was "inferior".

    now don't start bitching "hate crime, hate crime" for my comment, for I am not at fault here. since when was it illegal to be straight? never? Since when was it unjust and wrong for straight people to star in films? also never? since when is it "BAD" for heterosexual FICTIONAL CHARACTERS to so much as exist? never?, oh wow.

  62. This is clearly a badly performed attack on heterosexual people. Just read the comments of the supporters of this blog and it all waters down to "Straight people should not exist","gays/transgenders are more highly evolved than heterosexuals"
    NEWSFLASH!, straight people are more likely to exist for the sole fact that children are only naturally produced through heterosexual sex!. NEWSFLASH!, Transgenderism and homosexuality are not genetic! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EVOLUTION, OTHER THAN THE FACT YOU ARE LESS LIKELY TO REPRODUCE.
    NEWSFLASH!, on Earth, The majority of everything thats not asexual is heterosexual.

    you are complaining about fictional prejudice, when you yourselves are the only ones commiting it.
    is it wrong that the main relationship in a fictional movie is heterosexual? no, its just a fucking coincidence.

  63. Now tell me how an of the methods of protest you listed in the poll will further your cause?
    most of them seem to be actions of spite against those who have paid for a ticket or enjoyed/wanted to watch this movie. And why should the majority suffer, or so much as give a shit about a small minority of malicious people who are commiting this act for their own petty needs?.

  64. I didn't bother to read all the comments but I'm probable not the first one to tell you that what you are writing makes no sense. First of all humans are not evolving into being transgender. There is a really small group of people which decides to change their sex. I also kind of think that this site is a sarcastic joke because this really makes no sense.

    Second, male and female relationship basis will always be the dominant basis because it's not a choice to be gay so why would there suddenly be more gay people than straight after thousands of years where there are more straight people than gay? And if it were possible that this would suddenly change, why should humans even exist? Gay relationships do not exactly produce a large number of babies. Thats also the reason why intelligent life forms on other planets would probably be heterosexual.

    In addition to your 3 points which made no sense you said that the film promotes violence. You clearly didn't get the film, the film sent out a clear message against violence and portrayed the military as the antagonist of the movie.

    I really hope you are being sarcastic because what you are saying really makes no sense.

  65. That is not quite true. Evolution may certainly lead us to a path where the two genders unite into one sexual form. It does make sense from a biological perspective to share the sexual organs because it would eliminate the need for males, for example, to compete for females.

  66. hello R'tard, intelligent being accross the danm univers have learned that originally you need a dude and a chick to make a baby... the human race is only running out of shit to do... If our race had to fight for our lives and appreciated all lives around us, what do you think would happen? there would not be any stupid questions like this. all and all i would side with you only because it is strange that there were no gay people visible in the movie but if there were any transgender, or any actions that the viewer (people today) would typecast as gay the movie would have been seen as offensive and taistless. So why can't you be satisfide with the women on the front lines or the hard core badass Michelle Rodriguez who can be seen as the un-feminine woman roll? Homosexuality is a trait of a species, what if the Na'vi is one of the millions that do not have that trait. p.s. How the hell can you know how we are evolving and what kind of information do you have that says we as a race will evolve in under two-hundred years? high school biology even teaches evolution happens over hundreds of thousands of years to millions. so you are a retard.

  67. this...hurt what do you think that every movie needs to have only gay bi and transgender people? As far as I know they never said the Na'vi where not bi/Transgender/gay and so on.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am all for equal rights...but you guys are taking this WAY to far.

  68. First off, I'm a young gay man that lives in a pretty socially conservative area, so I do have some degree of experience regarding homophobia. That being said, the author of this blog is full of shit, and it is downright embarassing that they associate themselves with the homosexual community. To address the "points" that were made by the author:

    1. Heterosexual relationships will always be the primary relationship basis. If homosexuality became the new "norm", the human race would eventually go extinct. Plus this is a movie. It's fiction. Do we have to have every single minority in every single movie, regardless if they are relevant to the story or not?

    2. People are not "evolving" to be transgender. And even if they were, I sure as hell wouldn't call that evolution. I don't see how getting your tits scooped out or your junk inverted makes you "better adapted" (seeing that being better adapted to your environment is the goal of evolution), I would argue that it does the opposite, as it will provoke a "wtf" (or worse) reaction from the general populace. Furthermore, being transgender is entirely different from being gay/bi. Being gay has absolutely nothing to being badly mutilated in an attempt to make yourself feel better, and vice-versa. Transgender people are undermining the gay movement (which is already undermining itself). But according to your logic (or lack thereof), saying anything that isn't 100% praising of [x minority] is "intolerant" and "bigoted", but it's perfectly okay to completely trash straight white Christians because they are the majority of society, so that somehow makes them all evil. Because of outspoken, hypocritical, self-righteous people like you, normal gay people like me have to put up with more shit. Thanks.

    3. Like I said before, it's fiction. Who cares?

    As for your claims of militarism and violence, I argue that both are absolutely necessary for the survival of the human race. Like shown in the movie, sitting around in a big kumbaya circle while people are bombing the fuck out of your country accomplishes nothing. Also, read a history book. The pages are all written in blood. Violence is what founded great civilizations. Without civilizations, there would be no great technological advances.

    The human race is growing exponentially. In order to survive, there needs to be reproduction, along with population control. War reduces the population. So does disease, and many other factors. If we eliminate everything that reduces the population because it makes us feel bad, then the population will grow even more, and eventually we be fighting simple resource wars worldwide. Violence, warfare, killing, etc. is inevitable. Either you accept that some degree of it is necessary, or you supress it until things get really bad and it all comes spewing out with more catastrophic results. We need to find a balance between creation and destruction, instead of pussying out because we're too uncomfortable to deal with it. It's like when the family dog shits on the carpet. No one wants to clean it up, but someone has to.

  69. Your a fucking idiot.
    Get back in the closet with your hairy sisters and girly men.


    o lawdy, this is brilliant

  71. This is why there's difference between gays and fags. You, sir, are the latter.

  72. ohh kay... well for one humanity is not 'evolving to become transgendered' it is merely becoming more socialy acceptable to be of a different sexual orientaion, in order for the human race to survive we must be heterosexual otherwise how would we breed? and there is only one romantic relationship explored, and that's by the main character, there's no mention of any other characters preferences. and another point, how can it be anti-gblt if it has heterosexual themes in it? what about all those other movies with straight couples and no mention of any other sexual orientation, are movies about gay people anti-straight because they focus on a gay couple?

  73. Are you seriously that retarded?

    We are not, in any way, shape, or form "evolving" to be "transgendered." When humans start reproducing asexually, then you can say we've "evolved" past the need for heterosexual coupling.

  74. 1. We assume heterosexual relationships will be normal because it is damn logical, you moron

    2. No, you fail evolutionary biology. The Y chromosome is mutating via frame-shift deletions, and some HYPOTHESIZE that the SRY gene may end up migrating to the X chromosome.

    This DOES NOT mean we will become unisex. This only means that females will be regular XX, while males will be XX', in which one X carries the gene for testes determining factor. You are a retard. There is NO advantage to us ending reproduction by genetic recombination.

    3. Avatar assumes other animal species would be heterosexual because it is simply logical, dumbass. On a world that is highly earthlike, it is plausible that evolution follows the same general pattern.

  75. Wow. I feel bad for the gay community for having to put up with this crap.

  76. *points out*
    And by "this crap" I mean the blog, not the movie.

  77. Trans boi here... Just an FYI--transgender people have children ALL of time. Seriously. I think people have a huge misunderstanding of being transgender means. There isn't just one big operation and "POOF" you have factory-built genitals. Many transgender people never have any kind of genital surgery.

    Secondly, transgender people identify as heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, bisexual, queer and in many other ways--just as non-transgender people do. Gender expression and sexual orientation are not the same thing.

    Lastly, Avatar was a fantastic movie! I am certain you are someone who is looking to simply create a mess for the GLBT community. Very sad indeed.


  78. This film is basically 'Pocahontas in Space', just because the main pairing is heterosexual, it doesn't diss on the existence/possibility of homosexual/bisexual relationships in that universe. If you actually look at the physical forms of the Na'vi people, they have no obvious genitals besides the long plait of hair which serves as a neural bond between mates and between the other organisms on Pandora. It is entirely possible that 'male' pairs of Na'vi choose each other or 'female' pairs of Na'vi choose each other...but gender isn't immediately obvious just looking at a random Na'vi anyway.

    I suggest you watch the film you're trying to boycott and make up your mind based on the evidence, not supposition. Despite the plot being completely unoriginal, I found the themes (particularly Eywa) to be lovely and the graphics were utterly beautiful (I wish I lived on a glow-in-the-dark-non-radioactive planet!)

  79. GLBTs AGAINST LARA!January 19, 2010 at 6:06 AM

    Lara DOES NOT speak for the rest of the TRANSGENDER, GAY, LESBIAN or BISEXUAL community. EVERYTHING she has written here is nothing but IGNORANT HATE. PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO HER.

  80. I'm not heterosexual, I'm someone who think that we're all free to like what we want. I think that's not at all the purpose neither the goal of this movie to promote heterosexuality. Can you tell me that all your favourite movies and musics and artistical productions or autors are not heterosexual and do not represent heterosexual situations? Maybe you should think about the fact that if nobody among your family would accept heterosexual things you would not have any brain today to think in a so stupid way....and that today they won't exist any hetero, bi, gay, lesbian or trans because it would not exist nobody...really hope you're 13 years old.... good luck

  81. i'm a queer and i think your logic is spot on...with shoving broken glass up your ass and bathing in tabasco sauce

    get a grip, don't be such a transgender dick.

  82. You are a idiot as hell and would deserve a bullet. Period.

    Seriously, I'he never seen a so high rate of facepalms/character in my life.

    Congrats, we just reached the point when aberrants actually say that being normal is disgusting. Wouldn't have beleived that it comes so soon, congratulations to the liberal assholes, they just did it again...

    Damn, I have no problem with that you're gay until you do your disgusting shit at home, but shit, be happy about that you don't get bullet in your head instead of technically saying that being heterosexual is disgusting. I think you should also protest against Shakespeare, since that disgusting asshole didn't make Romeo fuck Mercutio... You are my friend the person who should lie like 6 feet deeper in the ground...

    Maybe if you listened to your teacher during biology classes instead of jerking off wathcing the penises in your biology book than you would actually know something about Evolution. What the hell do you think the reason is for that evolved animals have two genders, only creatures like bacteria and snalis don't? Let me help your little head out: creatures with two genders are more evolved than creatures without genders. What do you think this means? You've got it, being genderless is not the future, but the past. Though it's possible that your breain actually is on the same level as a snail, so you're thinking the same way...

    And dear man/woman/being that looks human at the first sight, intelligent creatures with two genders on other planets are heterosexual, because this is the universal way for such creatures, to reproduce themselves. That's the point of the existance of two different genders: both of them is required for reproduction, for none of them has everything that's required for doing so... that's the way it works (I add: the ONLY way)

    I' not a Christian, but still, the only thing I can say is "Oh My God!"... I just wish for a device that kills genetical trash like you immediately at birth...

  83. i can not even describe how dumb your arguyment is

  84. The votes prove your stupidity of your arguement... I'm sorry, YOU fail.

  85. Typical gay bullshit.

  86. Well, this protest worked like gangbusters.

    So Lara (probably more accurately Larry), who touched you when you were 5?

  87. Who really gives gives a shite? Paraphrased many great films, total balderdash, only a Yank with issues could see any merit in it. Probably get an Oscar then.

  88. You must be kidding...

    You're protesting heterosexual themes in a movie? If you're looking for equality, REJECTING another sexual orientation is really not earning you logic OR equality points.


  89. Your logic is completly out of hand, but this is to be expected, as this is merely propagana, is it not. you say that Avatar is bad because it has no homosexual themes in it, but why stop there? Go piss on Charles Dickens Grave because Oliver Twist never made out with another boy. Or perhaps go kill Steven Spielberg for not letting any of the charchters from Jaws be gay. Or, if you're talking primarily about evolution, go kill George Lucas for making a society in the future with no gay people around? Your logic is flawed, and now the only thing left to do is to find the true reason behind your actions.

  90. I just ate a grape and I JIZZED, IN, MY PANTS!

  91. I've seen one valid argument made here that wasn't against the blog. Forever ago, Anatoli said that:
    "That is not quite true. Evolution may certainly lead us to a path where the two genders unite into one sexual form. It does make sense from a biological perspective to share the sexual organs because it would eliminate the need for males, for example, to compete for females."
    This is a valid point, and in many invertebrates there are no true distinctions between male and female. Still, saying that the future is clearly transsexual is like saying that Yemen is clearly going to invade Costa Rica. Sure, it -could- happen, but it's unlikely enough to disregard the possibility, and it wouldn't really fit the definition of "transsexual" anyway.
    This blog upsets me. If you really are who you claim to be, you're giving everyone who reads this a bad image of the LGBT community, and if you aren't you're making a fairly horrible attempt to discredit them. Either way I know several willows that are smarter than you.
    I'm not gay, but I know several people who are and respect them as much as heterosexual people.


  93. you know, people need to stop asking to have things put in their movies. It's like asking people to have a giant grab bag in all movies. It doesn't work that way. What's next? Red Cliff is discriminatory because it has no gays in it and it was in feudal china focusing solely on war and the love of one couple? THAT'S BAD. Baww, you retard. Gays are fine and I have many gay friends. Seriously though, you need to realize that the main intent of the movie was SPECIAL EFFECTS. Not the story (which was rehashed and boring), Not the characters (which were under-developed and stupid) and not the fucking directing (which was absent if anything). It was just to say "I have a big budget! LOOKIT ME! I recreated Dances with wolves in 3D and added minute differences~~~"

    Who cares. Get over it. Not everything revolves around people's sexuality. If they said "JAKE SULLY IS A FAG HURR!" then be offended, but they didnt, so accept it or don't watch the movie.

  94. very impressive troll. I could illuminate some facts of evolution and the necessity of heterosexual reproduction in genetically complex lifeforms but I think others have pointed it out. Suffice to say if your going to start making insane pseudo scientific claims like "Humanity is evolving towards trans gender" and claim it as fact then you should cite a source. There's plenty of sources you can check that will tell you your wrong however. Any high-school biology textbook...

  95. This doesn't make any sense.

    There were no declarations of any one kind of lifestyle in the entire goddam movie. There is no evidence of any such pleads, statements, references, or similar suggestions that would bear such evidence of Cameron's supposed evil.

    To top this off, I'd simply love to state that homosexuality, up until the faggot infiltration and sabotage of the psychological institutes, was considered a mental disease, as was insecurity about one's gender(which always led to the mutilation of one's sex organs and the popping of dangerous pills and steroids, also known as "gender reassignment".). "Homosexuals" are fucking mental patients, period.

    So "transgendered" people are the epitome of the abomination of this movement. People aren't grateful for what they have, so they want to warp their own bodies until they like their wretched selves, and that is, plainly, a very sickening thing.

    Sure, there are genetic hermaphrodites from time to time, but

    A: They are infinitely rare

    B: One of their organs is usually vestigial.

    C: Their organs and sperm/eggs are so warped that there are many, many miscarriages, and that is if they even want to bear children by their fucked-up bodies.

    In fact, quite a few of the already rare hermaphrodites will undergo medical procedures to keep to one sex or another. Thusly, they are the only ones with the right to choose their own damn "orientation".

    This shows us that changing what we are physically, emotionally, and so on is bad, unless is positively necessary.

    Ergo, this trangeder bollocks is a pipe dream with a sloppy ending- on a wall in front of a firing squad. That will be the eventual price for mentally unstable psychos in a cruel, just world such as this.

    Let this be a lesson to the smarter to people to just walk away from this shit-tastic madness before they get AIDS and civil lawsuits...

  96. I won't state all the points that have previously been stated, it would be a waste. Instead:
    If you wish me to take your stance seriously, I demand that you protest ALL movies containing a male and female love interest. I DEMAND that you protest that ALL movies should have at least one homosexual relationship. You obviously aren't smart, but are decent with words. I wish you had just taken the: Avatar is a shitty movie stance. At least then I could agree with you.

  97. homosexuals are a disgrace to humanity. good thing that they can't breed. imagine all those 'healthcare' money used for gender change. stop these homosexual agenda. it's bullshit