Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Major protests planned against Avatar at the Oscars

 I want to thank everyone again who took part in the 12/18 protest against Avatar.  You made a difference and I thank for your continued interest and support.   Just so you know, there WILL BE more protests on March 7, 2010 if Avatar is nominated for any Oscar awards.   The details are being worked out to coordinate an effective campaign that will result with the progressive change that we seek.   I will keep you updated on the 3/7/10 protest plans.  In the meantime, please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts on what effective means of protest against the Oscars can be used.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wishing everyone a very Trans-2010!

2009 is coming to a close and what a wonderful year this was!  We saw the end of the Bush Regime and America got its first really intelligent and most diverse President in Barack Obama!  President Obama is ending torture and war and all peoples in America will have access to health care.  Thank you, President Obama!

We hope everyone continues to learn and transform in 2010.   We continue to monitor the situation with Avatar with regard to the Oscars and the DVD release.   This struggle is not over by any means.  People have rights and we deserve to be heard.

There is a "Lara" impersonator on this blog

I am sorry to say that someone has chosen to impersonate me in the comment section of this blog and this person has been verbally abusive at times.  This person is even using my Transgender Avatar symbol.  I am sorry if you have been offended by this fake Lara.   At the present time, I will screen comments until they are posted here.   I am sorry this is happening but I cannot allow intolerance and hate to be posted here under my name.  Please feel free to submit your views as 99.9% will be posted.  Thank you. Love - Lara.

Under pressure, James Cameron Snaps At Fan

Saturday, December 26, 2009

People reject Avatar and go instead with the male friendship of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes celebrates inclusiveness and male homo-erotic friendship.  It is now the number one film above Avatar because it is the opposite of Avatar in theme and message.  By rejecting Avatar, hate and intolerance is rejected: 

Here is Christmas box office TOP 10
1. Sherlock Holmes (Warner Bros) NEW
Fri $24.8M [3,626 runs], Estimated Wkd $70M
2. Avatar (Fox) Week 2 - Cume $160.7M
Wed $16.4M [3,456 runs], Thurs $11.3M (-31%), Fri $23.5M, Est Wkd $70M

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Congress votes to provide health care to everyone regardless of their sexuality

A wonderful day.   Transgender people and all people will get the health care they need.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Happy Winter Holiday To All

Transgender celebration at the White House. On President Obama's Holiday Tree....Hedda Lettuce!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Successful 12/18 protest keeps Avatar from setting opening box office record!

Avatar falls short of opening weekend record with $12m at box office...see story here!

Tolerance and diversity and health care are basic human rights

A society that does not celebrate, respect or tolerate all peoples is an unjust society.  That is why so many people protested against the movie Avatar on December 18, 2009

Avatar was conceived during the years of the Bush Regime, a time of despair, hate and intolerance.  The Bush Regime started two wars, banned gay marriage, and declared war on science by banning stem cell research and denying the reality of Climate Change.  People were arrested and detained without any legal reason and were tortured. 

But we live in a new era. President Obama is guiding us to progress but a lot still needs to be done.  Avatar insulted that progress by presenting us with a vision of the future that ignored Evolution and had no gay or transgender characters here on Earth or on Pandora.   People don’t want that vision.  We don’t want that future.

I had to wait years to get my breast implants because the American health care system refused to cover the cost of the procedure.  That is an injustice.  I was denied my right to health care and my right to be who I am.  I was told I was "male".

 President Obama is working to make sure that will not happen to people in the future.   Americans are very close to having access to health care regardless of their gender-status, racial-status or their sexual-status.  We cannot allow people of hate, the religious, the Republicans or Conservatives or any non-progressive person to deny us our rights. Gender-reassignment surgery is a right and is necessary for a progressive society to provide to all people.

This is not about stopping a movie.  This is about protecting and defending human rights.  Tolerance and diversity and health care are basic human rights.  

2009: A year of hope ends on a positive note

It continues to look like that the 12/18 protest against Avatar was a big success.  Based on the number of emails that we got, polling data on this blog and the vast amount of discussion on the internet, it is estimated that 21,000 people actively took part in Friday’s protest.

Thousands of others silently protested by not watching Avatar or they protested by other means.

This gives the progressive community great hope that we are on the right track and that America is finally on the way to being a tolerant and free-thinking society.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The 12/18 Avatar Protest: A Success. What Happens Next?

I want to thank all those who took part in Friday's protest on behalf of human rights, Evolution and socialsexual recognition.   I'm sorry I cannot thank each of you individually but I am proud to be your brother, sister, lover and friend.

A statement will be issued soon to explain the goals of the 12/18 Protest, what was accomplished and what will happen next.   This is just the beginning.  You are part of a movement that will continue to grow.

Video: Protesting No Gays In Avatar! The debate rages on

Video: Protesting No Gays In Avatar!

Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009: A day of peaceful protest for tolerance and diversity

Please share with us your experiences and comments regarding the 12/18 protests against Avatar and sexual supposition.  Updates will be posted as soon as they are available.   Thank you all again for your support!   Be safe, be loud and proud.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please respect our right to protest Avatar tomorrow - Violence is not the answer

 The progressive community is very excited about how the events of December 18, 2009 will unfold.   There are many blogs and websites talking about the Avatar protest tomorrow and there is every reason to expect a significant turn-out.  This is a wonderful opportunity to show non-progressive America the beauty and diversity of the human being.

I would like to remind everyone that ANYONE can take part in tomorrow’s protest.  You don’t have to be gay or lesbian.   You don’t have to be transgender or bi-sexual.   You can be simply curious or open-minded even if you consider yourself to be straight.

These protests will be non-violent and non-confrontational.   Our intention is not to intimidate but to educate.  That said, there may be incidents tomorrow.   This is will most likely happen in what’s called Middle America.   If you live in a U.S. state that failed to vote for President Obama last year, PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  If people are hurt tomorrow it will serve as a reminder for the inherent need for Universal Health Care in America.   Health Care is a basic human right.  If anyone is hurt tomorrow, I am sorry for you and I hope you will be well.  But you can play a role in helping President Obama provide all peoples with access to health care.

We only ask that people please respect our right to free speech and our freedom of expression.   Some of us will stand up during the film.  Others will sit down in theater lobbies.  There is no reason why this should bother you or be a cause for confrontation.  This is an opportunity for non-progressives as well:  Open your minds and take the first step to being a rational and tolerant person.   You can always watch Avatar at a later time or buy the DVD if you wish.

We thank you for your time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Cameron’s male/female quandry"

Ironically, Jame Cameron's Avatar reveals the fragile and divisive nature of supposed gender roles (link)

Um, Is James Cameron's Avatar Offensive to Transgender Humans?

Queerty Home weighs in Avatar:

Have you seen James Cameron's new bajillion-dollar film Avatar yet? We have not! Probably because today is the film's official release date, and we were not invited to a screening. But that won't stop us from weighing in on a grassroots effort to boycott the film because it offends … transgender people. ( Link)

Neytiri could have been played by Kimber James

Missed opportunity: If James Cameron really wanted to make a daring film with a twist he could have hired Kimber James to play Neytiri.

Gay marriage victory in Washington DC. Maryland is next!

A bit off-topic but this is a big victory for social justice and tolerance.

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 18, 2009 - INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST against Avatar

On Friday, December 18, 2009 thousands of people will be protesting the release of the James Cameron movie, Avatar. The purpose of the protest is as follows:

1) To make all people aware that heterosexual arrogance, assumptions or exclusions of alternative sexualities in movies is no longer acceptable. Diversity and tolerance are human rights.

2) To speak out for all gay, bi-sexual, genderless and transgender people who are not represented by any character in Avatar.

3) To educate people about Evolution and humanity's transition to transgenderism.

All protests will be peaceful and non-confrontational. Suggested methods of protest:

  • Stand outside of theaters with signs and pamphlets to express your views
  • Sit down in theater lobbies and do not move unless the police use force or violence upon you
  • Stand up during a viewing of Avatar and remain standing
  • Buy tickets to Avatar in bulk but do not attend showings. An empty theater sends a message
  • Bring your mate to the theater and show affection to each other.
Reminder: SILENCE = DEATH. We will be silent no more.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Neytiri could be a lesbian

Why not a lesbian?

Consider this: Suppose Neytiri is a lesbian or maybe she is bi-sexual. Would Jake not then be guilty of imposing his sexual beliefs upon Neytiri? Suppose Neytiri's culture encouraged gay, bi-sexual or transgender values? Jake would then be guilty of cultural interposition and dissipation.
Proof of Evolution. Click here for the story.

Meredith Baxter is now gay

Meredith Baxter who played a straight mom breeder in "Family Ties" is now gay and happy.

Click here to read a wonderful interview with her.

She joins a growing gay, bi-sexual and transgender community which includes Adam Lambert, Joan Baez, Drew Barrymore, Boy George, Truman Capote, Richard Chamberlain, Margaret Cho, Sir Ian McKellen, Lady GaGa, Bryan Singer, Michael Stipe, George Takei, Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hate attack from Right Wing Exremists

There are some really ugly comments being posted by the usual right-wing Christian-types who oppose evolution. I apologize if you are offended by seeing their comments here but this can be used in the future to fight hate and intolerance. I am very thankful that we have Obama as President for the next eight years. America will be a much better place.

Why is Jake Sully heterosexual or "straight" in Avatar?

One has to wonder about the thought process involved in the making of Avatar. Who decided that the Jake Sully character in Avatar had be heterosexual or "straight"? And why have him engaged in a hetro-type relation with someone from another world? Was there anyone who pointed out that this film was taking place in the FUTURE and it would be more likely, given current evolutionary trends that Jake would be gay, bi or transgender?

The film also makes a gross assumption that the old heterosexual ways on Earth would somehow be occurring with another race of being on a totally different world with its own unique culture.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

E-mail and letter template to protest the Avatar movie

Dear Person,

I am writing to you to express the concern and disappointment that many of us in the public feel regarding the upcoming release of the James Cameron film, Avatar.

It has come to our attention that the central plot of Avatar revolves around a paralyzed “male” solider has an emotional and sexual relationship with what is supposed to be a “female” upright biped sentient being from the planet Pandora.

There are several concerns here:

1) Avatar may alienate bi-sexual, gay and transgender film-goers.

2) Avatar may in fact, have a pro-heterosexual message or theme

3) Is Avatar sending a message against Evolution? Science has proven that Darwinian Evolution is fact and humans are currently evolving from the male/female gender gap in Transgender state. From what we can see, Avatar fails to reflect this in its depiction of humans in the future. The film also seems to assume that intelligent beings from other worlds would also be split along male/female gender lines and not be transgender. Why?

4) Last but no least, we are also concerned about the militaristic plot elements of Avatar which could convince younger viewers that military life or the use of violence is acceptable.

We ask that the release of Avatar be delayed until these issues are resolved and we thank you for your time.

Most Sincerely,

You can email or write to Fox with this message at:

20TH CENTURY FOX (Theatricals):
Website Address:
E-mail Address:

Paper Mail Address:
P.O. BOX 900
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90213-0900

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Make you voice heard! Protest Avatar.

Studio Operator at Fox:
(310) 369-1000

Another problem with Avatar: The Fox connection

Avatar is being released by 20th Century Fox which guessed it: FAUX NEWS, the neocon propaganda channel which promotes hate, corporate greed and war.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sam Worthington Doesn't Want to be a Cartoon in AVATAR

Looks like Sam (Stop Avatar Movie) knows something is wrong here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why stop the Avatar movie?

In short, Avatar has heterosexual themes, that's why. Not that hetrosexual themes are anything new in American films but when you consider the context in which the Avatar story is set, the message of this film is highly irresponsible.

Here's a summary of what is wrong with the Avatar film:

1) Avatar assumes that the heterosexual, "male" and "female" attraction will still be the primary relationship basis in the future.

2) Avatar ignores the fact of Evolution. Humans are evolving to be being Transgender, NOT heterosexual,

3) Avatar also assumes that intelligent beings on other worlds would be hetrosexual.

In addition, the film uses militaristic themes and promotes violence as a means of story-telling and social context.